Permitting is the first phase of development on any job that will make or break the duration of a project. The developer or building owner must understand the local authority process on submitting the correct drawings and specifications to pass both IBC and local code. MSF Contracting is well versed in the coordination between the design team and the local permitting job where the project would be located. These procedures include, but are not limited to:

  • Acquiring all of the drawings and surveys required by the architect and the
    specified engineer to start the design of the building plans (for example,
    topographical surveys, location maps or soil tests).
  • Acquiring and submitting all relevant project-specific documents (for example,
    building plans and sitemaps) to the authorities.
  • Hiring external third-party supervisors, engineers or inspectors.
  • Obtaining all necessary clearances, licenses, permits and certificates.
  • Submitting all required notifications for the start and end of construction and for
  • Requesting and receiving all necessary inspections (unless completed by a hired
    private, third-party inspector).