Once pre-construction is completed and a contract is in order the fun can begin on making sure the project meets the client’s schedule of delivery for the opening. The management team at MSF Contracting has managed multiple years of government contracts and understands the protocol on making sure the quality assurance and quality control are managed to the specifications of the contract documents.

Each subcontractor hired by MSF Contracting will be reviewed and evaluated before qualifying them as the subcontractor to be used for their respective scope of work. Our estimating department and project management department will review each bid and qualify them to make sure they will be able to handle the project. Buyout turnover meetings are in place to make sure that what scope was bid and secured with the owner is also the same that is being used with the subcontractor.

Project management will then take over the project and will be responsible for assigning the contracts, procuring the material, and making sure the project meets the schedule outlined in the contract. Our project management team will manage the day to day operations in the field with our qualified superintendent managing the operations on site. Each job site will be equipped with a highly vetted superintendent.

The project management on a job will consist of both the superintendent and the project manager. Each position has its own role within the project but each role must be cohesive with the other to make sure the project meets the owner’s expectations. The superintendent’s role is to manage the logistics and planning of work onsite. They will schedule the subcontractor’s work, report on issues they foresee on the project, maintain OSHA safety onsite, meet expectations by the authority holding jurisdiction, adhere to the fire and life safety requirements onsite, adhere to ADA regulations, and protect the owner’s interests in making sure the material and workmanship onsite meets the drawings and specifications that the owner paid for.

The project manager will maintain the procurement needed with the subcontractors to complete the project and monitor the schedule and budget. MSF Contracting Group will monitor the overall progress of both positions to make sure that the project is on time and on budget. What makes us different from other general contractors is we take ownership of our work.

It is our commitment to our owner to have executive staff onsite at various stages of the project.