You have a vision, you put it on paper, you save the money to make the investment, gather the investors and team to develop the business you’ve always envisioned, and you need the building and space to make that dream a reality.  This is the typical scenario with every business owner that is starting or building their foundation.  This is the day and life of that business owner, and too many times those early steps are ruined because of the contractor they depend on.  They look at the low cost or look at who has the most assets and sometimes those selections are clouded by the wrong judgement.  The building used by every business owner in this country is the cornerstone of what she or he uses to pay their employees, service their clients, and the build the future that we all envision as the American dream.  The selection of the contractor that looks at their client’s envision on the work place, restaurant, hotel, retail or public space is a key juncture of making that vision a reality.  This is where MSF comes into play.  We look at each of our client’s needs and make their buildings holistic in nature, in that the project is not just about dollar and cents but rather giving the client the time and options to make sure that vision is a reality.