Our Projects
MSF Contracting Group is a full scale general contractor that specializes in base building and tenant fit out construction.  Our markets are retail, renovation, tenant fit out, shell building construction, government facilities, and hotel construction.  Our management team has managed all facets of this type of construction from the pre-construction to turning the keys over the owner to open the building.  We also can run a full capacity construction management contract and manage the construction of a general contractor.  We have our business license to operate in the State of Texas and are licensed as a general contractor in the State of Florida.
Angelina’s Restaurant – Coming soon –
Ninja Nation – Frisco Tx

Finish out of a Shell Building.

Thai Express

Tenant fit out project at the Galleria Mall.

Venue at Hometown Apartments
Tenant Fit-out Project for various tenants on retail side of Apartments Complex.
Wylie Warehouse
Base Building warehouse with all new site utilities, brick facade, MWPS,  Fire and life safety.
Seattle Residential Development
Custom Built houses with all new infrastructure for the development.
Best Western Rockwall Tx 
Base building Hotel with retaining wall
23 Apartment Complex Dallas Tx
Victory Boutique build out of a shell space.