A royalty free image from the construction industry of two workers reviewing plans on a construction site.


MSF Contracting Group specializes as a full scale one stop shop for all general contracting pertaining to tenant fit out and base building projects.  We look at each client’s needs from both the financial and visual aspect of their projects and make them their own.  We have seen a need in the locations we are licensed to make the general contracting aspect of a project more efficient and more cost effective.  We have a diverse background in both private and government projects and have knowledge and experience to succeed for each of these client bases.  We succeed every day in our business by acknowledging the developer’s needs, value engineering their designs, employing the correct personal on their projects who adhere to our values, maintaining the highest standards in safety, and giving back to our communities.  Every one of these aspect’s makes MSF Contracting Group a stronger general contractor which then enables the company to give a better product to each client.


MSF Construction Group is known for its passion to build unique buildings delivering excellent results. We are known construction manager and commercial contractor that has grown by their satisfied lists of clients.

Our Values


MSF mission has always been to deliver safe, quality projects and on time services that upholds MSF core values. We always try to maintain six basic core values that define standard guiding principles and decisions of subcontractors and personnel.